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Do everything possible to cultivate talents
Continuous learning and training is the driving force behind the continuous development of the enterprise. The company has established an echelon talent training mode, and carries out different forms of ability improvement according to different positions and different levels: that is, high-level students are sent to famous domestic universities for further study, middle-level students enter counterpart colleges or professional special training, and employees are organized under the guidance of industry management departments. Qualification certification, through more than three years of organization and operation, the current coverage of middle and high-level training has reached more than 90%, and 22 senior workers have emerged among the front-line employees.
Broaden channels to introduce talents
Since the establishment of Huzhou R&D Center, our company has established a backbone team integrating scientific research, development and production through continuous introduction and training of talents based on this platform. And through this professional "most beautiful team" team in Nanxun District, recruit talents, cooperate with Zhejiang University and other colleges and universities, introduce 2 senior engineers and several undergraduates, and plan to make full use of the international and domestic economic tightening at all levels The situation of large talent flow.
Multi-pronged approach to accumulate talents
The company insists that everyone is a talent. In the construction of the talent team, it regards morality, knowledge, ability and performance as the main criteria for measuring talents, and advocates the "four not only" that is not only academic qualifications, professional titles, qualifications, and identity, but not sticking to one pattern Gather talents. Firmly establish the concept of people-oriented, and give top priority to promoting the healthy growth of talents and giving full play to the role of talents. In addition to building a stage to invite talents by building a working environment and providing exhibition opportunities.