R & D Center

The R&D center of Zhejiang Mainin Motor Co., Ltd. was established in 2013. The perfect R&D assessment system, beautiful R&D studio, professional R&D team and advanced R&D equipment have laid the foundation for the company's research and development of new products in the field of motors. In 2017, it was awarded the "Huzhou Municipal High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center".

Experimental results

The general principles and goals of the enterprise's research and development are: according to the national "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" to propose policies on energy conservation and environmental protection, develop new products with high technological content and economic added value, market demand and great potential; Environmental protection technology; speed up the pace and intensity of scientific research, and lay a solid foundation for the establishment of a provincial R&D center. Up to now, the R&D results include 2 municipal-level R&D projects, 5 provincial-level new products, and 8 authorized patents, including 1 invention patent. With a solid foundation, a professional team, an attitude of excellence and truth-seeking, the company's R&D team fully plays the leading and exemplary role of advanced models, based on the position, striving for excellence, and striving for the future of Main.